Thread rolling

Best-in-class thread rolling and re-rolling

Dunham Products has built its tradition of strength with best-in-class thread rolling, the preferred method for producing strong, smooth, precise, and uniform external threads.

Rolled threads are stronger than other types of threading processes like cutting, grinding, and chasing because of their superior tensile, shear, and fatigue strength. Other threading processes remove material to produce the thread, but thread rolling displaces the material with hardened steel dies.

Dunham Products can process your Thread Rolling needs, whether your project requires standard, metric or special threads. We can roll or re-roll single or multiple lead threads in both right and left hand configuration. Diameters from #2 to 1-3/4, our Standard lengths are up to 4-5/8, with longer lengths available.

Dunham Products has expertise in all unified thread system designations:


Unified National Coarse. This is the most common general fastener thread. Because of the inherent coarse pitch of the threads, they are deeper than fine threads and are easier to assemble with less risk of cross threading.


Unified National Fine. UNF threads are stronger than UNC, with a slightly higher breaking load capacity because of the lesser thread depth and a larger tensile stress area for gages of the same identical material and diameter.


“J” threads are similar to UNC and UNF threads, except that the external thread has a much larger root radius than the corresponding UNC and UNF threads. The larger root radius increases the tensile stress area of the thread, making it stronger, and reducing the stress concentration factor in the threaded section. Fasteners that carry heavy loads usually require J threads.

Thread Re-Rolling

Dunham Products has built its tradition of strength with superior thread rolling and re-rolling.

Properly rolled threads on a fastener, which has been rerolled to remove imperfections, ensure consistency in assembly and torquing.

If you have components that spent time in transit and suffered damage or wear, we can re-roll them back to original specifications.

We can re-roll or add threads from #2 through 2”.

Dunham Products would love to hear about your next project! If you have a project or challenge, we’ll help you get it done!