Centerless grinding

The precision way to grind a diameter.

Centerless grinding is an OD grinding process where the part being machined is supported on its own outer diameter by a workblade located between a high speed grinding wheel and a slower speed, smaller diameter regulating wheel. Centerless grinding is even more precise than CNC machining in creating a precise diameter and micro finish.

Centerless grinding creates precise roundness, surface finish and dimensional tolerances that are among the best possible and can improve the roundness of out-of-round parts.

Dunham Products can in feed grind parts with a diameter from .100 to 6.00 up to 10.00 long in diameters. Concentricity held to .0005 T.I.R., diameter held to .0001 accuracy and roundness held to .0002 accuracy.

Regardless of your project, needs and specifications, Dunham Products has the expertise, tools and machines to get it done!

Form Grinding

Form grinding is a type of centerless grinding that uses a specialized edge, or profile, added to the face of a wheel. The "form" (or profile) is then imparted into the part during the grinding process.

Straight Grinding

Straight grinding creates a precise diameter, precise roundness, consistent surface finish and tight dimensional tolerances across a single diameter part.

Taper Grinding

End-feed centerless grinding is used to taper the end of part and provides a gradual decrease in the width of an object.

Step Grinding

Step grinding is the process where multiple diameters are ground together, or one diameter at a time.

Thru-Feed Grinding

In thru-feed centerless grinding, the part is fed through the grinding wheels, entering on one side and exiting on the opposite side. Thru-feed grinding is very efficient because it does not require a separate feed mechanism but can only be used for parts with a simple cylindrical shape. Dunham Products can thru-feed grind parts with a diameter from .125 to 2.50 diameter, up to 12 feet long.

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