CNC turning and prototyping

Speed = success.

Getting to market first; keeping production timelines moving; getting a stalled project back on track; demonstrating a prototype at a customer presentation; assessing an accurately machined prototype in demanding real-world functional tests; all of these require parts that are produced precisely, efficiently and quickly in order to keep your business moving.

Dunham Products has CNC capabilities and highly skilled CNC programmers, consultants and machinists and the ability to make complete and more complex parts. Our CNC capabilities mean lower cost and faster production for you often with quicker turnaround times.

Dunham Products can meet your CNC turning needs from #2 thru 6.00 diameter up to 29.00 long. We utilize bar feeders on our CNC turning equipment that allows the spindle to operate at optimum speeds, providing faster processing and more accurate machining. In addition, Dunham utilizes one of only three Samsung multi-axis CNC turning centers with a sub-spindle in operation in the US for faster and more precise output and increased flexibility.

Other uses for Dunham’s CNC expertise include machining a small run of finished parts or master patterns for casting, molding and forming applications. CNC master patterns allow higher degrees of accuracy and better feature definition.

In addition, CNC prototypes and master patterns are perfect for situations where production materials are required. Dunham can produce CNC parts from alloy steels, carbon steels, MonelĀ®, superalloys, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and titanium.

Dunham Products would love to hear about your next project! If you have a project or challenge, we’ll help you get it done!